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Breathability – Why is it so important?

In the UK environment, water ingress and condensation are a fact of life. The ability of the fabric to breathe is essential in reducing dampness, heat build up and condensation. This in turn reduces the chances of problems such as, mould, mildew, osmosis etc. Modern coated fabrics have taken away the need to make a choice between a waterproof and a breathable fabric by offering a solution to both. Our fabrics are breathable, but still highly water resistant.

Will it affect the aircraft paint and surfaces?

The fabrics used are totally inert and will not affect Perspex or Paint, either chemically or abrasively.

What about strength and abrasion?

We use the best endurance fabrics, which simply outperform the competition. More than twice the strength of popular canvas and more durable under abrasion and rubbing.

Why does the fabric not fade?

With a solid solution dyed spun yarn the colour physically becomes part of the yarn itself. The solution dyed acrylic and polyester yarns ensure an excellent depth of colour in the fabric and have excellent UV and fade resistance.

Is the fabric protected against the elements?

Our fabrics have an additional impregnation that provides a water repellent finish and protects the fabric from general dirt, soiling and staining.

Proven weather resistant fabrics used in Dave’s Custom Covers


All weather outdoor use


Abrasion Resistance

Maximum resistance to tearing

Fade Resistance

Unsurpassable colour stability.

Shape Holding

Does not sag in use

Microfiber lining fabric

Soft, non scratch, polyester microfiber fabric is used to line the canopy sections of our covers.

Magni Gyro M24 AutoGyro Yak 52 aircraft covers DH88 Comet canopy & nacelle covers Cessna C182 aircraft covers Evektor Sportstar aircraft covers Robin DR401 aircraft covers