Aircraft Covers that protect and preserve  Protect your investment from sun, rain, ice and birds.

Aircraft Covers

Low Wing

Dave’s Custom Aircraft Covers protect your investment from sun damage, prevent winter frost, snow, ice buildup, bird fowling and corrosion. Made from the best breathable anti-condensation heavy-duty endurance fabrics, suitable for year-round permanent outdoor use.

Aircraft Covers

High Wing

Our covers help reduce damage to your upholstery and avionics caused by excessive heat, and eliminate problems caused by leaking door and window seals. They keep the windshield and window surfaces clean. Improve engine starting and help prevent vandalism and theft.

Aircraft Covers

Full Set

Wings, Rear fuselage/fin, Tail Plane and Propeller/Spinner covers add all-weather protection and lock down control surfaces against wind deflection. Total protection for your aircraft against costly repairs due to corrosion and weathering.